About Me.

Advocate of harmony and all things pretty.

Tiina Rämet

Photographer |  Designer | Oulu, Finland

I have worked as a designer nearly 15 years designing user experiences for mobile and web platforms. For last four of those years I have had my own business offering services in ux, service and visual design as well as photography. Currently I am also a student at Oulu University of Applied Sciences studying for Bachelor of Arts and Culture in Visual Design. For more detailed education and work history please visit my linkedIn profile.

In my photographs feeling, atmospehere and most of all the beauty of life play central role. My style has often been called wistful. This doesn’t mean they are sad. Quite the contrary. They bring out the joy, beauty and subtlety of life.

My work has been accepted in exhibitons through photocontests such as  French Digital Tour (2014), Al-Thani Award (2014), Tierenberg Super Circuit & Special Themes Circuit ( 2013, 2014 and 2017). I have also held private exhibitions here in Oulu. Professionally I most enjoy portraiture.