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    Visitor on our backyard

    We have a frequent visitor on our backyard. Sometimes there is a whole gang. These occasions are most exciting to our dog who follows their every movement carefully through the window. He would love to go out and ”play” with the rabbits. Of course we cannot let him out as he would chase the rabbits…

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    Early morning

    I woke up early and was compelled to go sit on the sauna stairs by the lake to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the silence. I was greeted with this beautiful view where the darkness is lifting as the scenery is getting softer by the minute as the fog is gently rolling in…

  • TiinaRämet_photography_dog_nature_w-1.jpg


      This dog loves to run around in the marshland. What I mean with running is the kind where he goes as fast as he can and pieces of wet marsh fly around. It is apparently also fun to the crab pieces of it with your mouth and throw them in the air. No running…

    Celebrating our nature

    Finland has been celebrating it’s nature since 2013. The timing is always on the last weekend of August. For past couple of years it has also been a flag day.  So today we celebrate with various ways around the country one of them being a national challenge to sleep outside tonight. If that is not…

  • The_foal_horses_TiinaRamet_photography_oulu-1.jpg

    The foal

    As you can see from the lack of posts my creativity has been nonexistent. I have mostly been taking pictures with my phone and uploading to Instagram. Nothing wrong with that, but now I am reconnecting with my DSLR and really making an effort to make use of this blog. As a little girl I…

  • Portrait_photography_TiinaRämet_Playwithclay_.jpg

    Play with clay

    I have a good friend who is also into photography and every once in a while we head to the studio with an idea we want to try out. This time it was to play with clay. He had found us a model who didn’t mind us covering her in cold clay. She was actually…

  • TiinaRamet_photographer_Oulu_Finland_Pastelportrait.jpg

    Inspired by the pastel colored skies

    In the short days of winter and cold weather we get to enjoy the amazing pastel colored skies. Lovely hues of pinks, purples and blues. I tried to bring some of the pastel world into this studio portrait of Merja.

  • travel_TiinaRämet_valokuvaaja_oulu.jpg

    Out of reach but still connected

    This photo was taken by my daughter in our trip to Namibia.